Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wikitude: A Promising First Step for a Virtual Tour Guide

This article was about a company called Wikitude, and its advancements for the new G1 smart phone. Wikitude offers new GPS software that acts like a virtual tour guide for people travelling foreign places. This new application uses the phones GPS chip and camera viewfinder to plot points on a map that shows up on the phones screen. The new application uses information gained to determine points of interest. This app gains info from its GPS chip locates your location and then uses your camera for info to plot points for you to visit with ease. This new technology is designed solely for tourists and should make a great addition to any adventures' pocket. Wikitude is making great headway in this new GPS market but there are still many refinements that need to be made to this new technology. This application zaps battery life from the phone. This happens because the phone use the GPS chip and the camera at the same time. Also the application only has a about 350,000 points plotted which is a minute number. This can be attributed to the applications relative new appearance. Overall this innovative application should make things easier.

This new application seems to be very interesting and innovative. It seems as if Wikitude has discovered a new way to apply GPS to practical use. it seems as if this new technology will allow many adventures and travellers to discover new things and places in foreign countries. I am skeptical in its ability to locate new points and the very little number of points it already has. If a GPS system can't tell me what is out there to go to then what use is it to the average explorer. This may be attributed to the applications relative new invention but as I see it right now it isn't that practical. Also I don't like how this invention prohibits your phone from acting normally. This means with this app running your phone's battery life is severely hampered. This isn't good for any traveller who is out of there hotel all day searching local places of interest. While there is some evident drawbacks to this new application, I believe once they iron these out this application will help travelers worldwide. Imagine the days of now more maps or address books, this app could revolutionize the world of travel.


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