Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nokia's Point and Find Phone Interface Moves Closer to Reality

Over the years, Nokia has searched for innovative ways for users to use their cell phones. This wireless telecommunications company has been developing a technology called “Point & Find” that will enable a [Nokia] cell phone user to take a picture of an image or advertisement and find out more information about the image right on his/her phone. This idea finally became a reality a few years after Nokia acquired a small company called “Pixto.”

The general manager for Point & Find says that this technology can provide a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. All of the visual information in the world will now be able to be researched quickly and with very little effort other than taking a picture. One of the examples in the article offered the scenario of pointing the phone at a movie poster and receiving information such as show times and tickets.

The technology works by matching the image the user provides with an image from what will apparently need to be an extensive and meticulously updated database that pertains to the user’s location.

Nokia is further developing the idea and is hoping more partnerships and innovations will lead to a more versatile “Point & Find” application that could extend so far as restaurants and banners.

Although Nokia currently holds the spot of market leader—surpassing similar barcode technology used in Japan—by exclusively offering this technology to Nokia phones, the company states that the technology will ultimately be extended to all camera phones with basic GPS abilities.

Article found at: http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2008/11/nokias-point-an.html

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