Monday, February 2, 2009

Microsoft partners with Netflix on Xbox Live

Last year, Microsoft’s video gaming console, the Xbox 360 teamed up with movie renting company Netflix to provide streaming movies directly from a Netflix database to Xbox Live Gold member’s console. The move was seen as mutually beneficial as both Netflix and Xbox have similar demographics and combined they can both get more business. My roommate has this service, and from a first hand experience I can say it is incredible. Using a simple internet cable plugged into the back of the Xbox console, our room now has 10,000 movies and shows that are available with a few simple clicks of a controller. The Xbox 360, which rivals with Sony’s Playstation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii, has taken this new technology to find yet another niche in the gaming world. While the Xbox 360 has been looked upon as the hardcore gamer’s machine, this new addition is expected to get people who are deciding between the three machine’s to pick the Xbox. Although the 10,000 movie and show selection available through the streaming feed is only ten percent of the full capacity of Netflix, people who purchase this also benefit from receiving the basic movie mailing service provided by Netflix. This innovation and partnership is truly one of a kind and it certainly looks to stiffen competition between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

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