Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Mossberg Solution: New Blackberry Offers Versatility in Flip form

This article was primarily about the new blackberry pearl flip phone. This new blackberry is offered on T-mobile service. The interesting thing about this phone is that it has wi-fi built in. Therefore, during conversations that are near a wi-fi network, the call is completely free of all service charges and does not use your plans minutes. When you are leave a wi-fi network your call will be automatically switched back to the tmobile network or it will search for another wi-fi network. Calls are not lost, but picked up by another network or your cellphone service. I was so surprised by this idea, because it makes so much sense to use the free public wi-fi networks, that are currently out there, for our phones. Another interesting feature of this phone is that up to ten email accounts can be set up on the phone. This makes it easier to check both your work, school and personal emails on the same device.
I was very surprised by this new innovation technology. It makes communicating on a cell phone so much easier. It has all the capabilities of a blackberry without the size, and is not a flip phone. This means that there is a lower risk of ghost calling, or calling with your butt( as they state in the new commercial). The Wi-fi feature is very interesting, and i like the way that T-mobile has built it into their plan for a $10/ month charge. I would pay $10 to have a crisper, clearer sounding conversation on a wi-fi network.
http://proquest.com can be found in the wall street journal

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