Monday, February 2, 2009

"Power Slider Protects iPhone" article

Apple received many complaints about the limited lifetime of the new iPhone. Many owners complained that they couldn’t make it through the day without losing their charge. Apple developed a new system that does two jobs in one; the Power Slider both protects the phone and extends the battery life. The new gadget has a battery capacity equaling one hundred and twenty of the 3G iPhone’s capactiy. This more than doubles the battery power of the iPhone 3G according to InCase, the maker of the battery. The Power Slider has a USB cable that hooks up to the handset. First, the iPhone uses up all the battery power in the Power Slider, then it uses its own battery power. On the back of the case is the five-LED which indicates how much battery power is left in the Slider. Many other companies have tried to make extended batteries or add on accessories to increase battery power for the iPhone 3G but most batteries are large and keep the iPhone from fitting in the owner’s pocket. This is impractical and annoying. Many batteries also tarnish the “sexy” look of the iPhone. The Power Slider is simply a small black case that covers the back of the iPhone, not taking away from the sleek look. The iPhone measures 4.5 by 2.4 by .5 inches without a case. The Power Slider is the most sensible option, measuring 5.1 by 2.6 by .9 inches. This adds 2.5 ounces to the iPhone 3G. It may seem frustrating that the Slider adds that extra weight but it is the best option compared to the other larger back up batteries for the iPhone. The Power Slider adds up to three hundred and thirty three hours of standby time and up to twenty six hours of audio playback. On the iPhone 3G network the talk time can increase by five hours and by ten hours on the iPhone 2G network. It adds up to seven hours of video playback. The owner can extend the use of the internet by five hours on the iPhone’s 3G network and six hours on Wi-Fi. One downside of the Power Slider is the price. It costs 100 dollars to obtain this extra battery extender. The Power Slider began to ship to customers at the end of November 2008. I was curious to see if the price went down at all since the launch of the Power Slider. On it sells for 99 dollars and used it was only 78.99. I wanted to see if there was any cheaper way of obtaining this case and went on On this website, the Power Slider sells for as little as 40 dollars! I looked at other extended, bulkier batteries on the same website and they sold in the same price range. The Power Slider creates value by both protecting the iPhone and providing battery power for the same price as larger back up batteries.

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