Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tech for Blocking Cell Phones While Driving Falls Short

Growing concerns in society today include a lot of talk and criticism about the use of cell phones while driving. Technology advances today have developed software and products that allow for the system to lock a cell phone by using a Global-Positioning-Device (GPS), to record how fast the person is going and would lock the person’s cell phone at high speeds. While the idea of the software seems like a flawless piece of technology to enhance the safety of drivers, there are problems with the product which may delay the product from becoming more popular. Two products, including software from WQN and another, due to be released from Aegis Mobility, both shut down service at high speeds, but would also lock down if the person was merely a passenger in the car or on a train. Advances for “quit” options and “driving scores” are being looked at to improve these technologies. In addition, a feature such as texts messages that alert parents where the kids are, or shutting down service in school to stop cheating are also added to some of these products. Other products being tested include key-fobs that would deactivate cell phone use when the key is in the ignition. Parents must decide whether or not this technology should be used to limit their children’s activities and habits. They also must weigh whether or not the hassle of the cell phone being deactivated when their child is simply a passenger is enough to use or not use the device. Personally, I feel that this type of software and technology is too over-bearing. I agree that driving while talking on a cell phone is extremely dangerous, but I do not think that parents should be using these devices to limit their children. The legal driving age is at an age that the law feels is safe for adolescents to be operating a vehicle. I think parents should trust in how they raised their children to make good decisions, rather than rely on a device that restricts people in such a way. While technology is a great thing that helps society in more ways than one could imagine, in this case I feel that it is taking the place of people’s personal responsibilities.

"Tech for Blocking Cell Phones While Driving Falls Short"
By Paul FoyAP 01/19/09 8:55 AM PT

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