Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Toshiba's TG01 Challenges iPhone 3G

The technology industry is constantly growing as well as changing the very needs and so called "norms" of the new products these companies produce. I personally love my blackberry, the ability to send and read emails from the palm of my hand is convenient and pretty cool.  The new technology with cell phones now has changed.  The new "norms" of getting a new cell phone is now rated on how fast and able a person is able to surf the web to do whatever task needed whenever it has to be done.  The iphone has been the leader in this industry with its 3G network making it the fastest phone to surf the internet.  

Now however, Mac has a new competitor, Toshiba's TG01.  This new smart phone is also going to be the first carrier of the new Windows Mobile 6.1 allowing windows to be present in the internet phone market.  This phone however is very unique, it is much thinner than any competitor.  It has a 3-D interface on top of the windows mobile to make travel and directions much easier.  The TG01 is also going to be able to pick up and answer calls by shaking to answer and end calls as a cool side effect.

What's really important about this phone is what's inside.  This is the first phone to use Snapdragon chipset which can allow the phone to have the speed of high speed wireless internet while it conserves battery power, the ideal chip for a portable device.  I think that this new phone has the potential to be better than the iphone.  It has a very high speed wireless internet capabilities including email and all the amenities of windows, which is something that people can already be familiar with.  Its fast ability to download anything from the internet is also accompanied with a 32 GB hard drive allowing the device to have a mass amount of storage on a cellular phone. 


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