Monday, February 2, 2009

New paint promises high-speed Wi-Fi shielding

IT managers have been fighting an ever-persistent battle of how to protect their networks since their inception. Now with wireless networks it is even harder and more costly to protect the network than it has ever been. Companies have used encryption to protect their data as well as more physical solutions such as installing energy efficient windows that block radio signals from leaving or entering the building. Now, thanks to Shin-ichi Ohkoshi's team at the University of Tokyo in Japan, there is a new solution that proves to be inexpensive and very effective. Previously it had been known that iron-rich oxides absorb electromagnetic waves up to Ohkoshi’s team has discovered an aluminum-iron oxide that is able to absorb frequencies 4 times higher. This new oxide is added to paint then applied to buildings and is proven to absorb EM waves. The best part about this new solution is that the paint is inexpensive (about $14 a kg) due to the abundance of aluminum and iron.

This is an incredible new technology that has been developed and could be very helpful to larger businesses. For small business this solution is probably an unnecessary expense because Wi-Fi encryption is enough security to protect their wireless network and is much less expensive than even a cheap alternative like this paint. But, this paint is an alternative, which means that it should be used when encryption is not enough protection. Big business is definitely the target market for this product because they allocate a lot more funding for security and are always looking for the new technology that will put their business a step ahead of the hackers trying to breakdown the wireless network. After the perfection and eventual release of this product to consumers, it should provide a cheap new way to keep hackers out of private business networks.

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