Monday, February 2, 2009

A Closer Look at The LG Watch Phone

Ever wonder what it would be like to be James Bond? Thanks to LG, you can be one step closer to this fantasy. On January 9, Cnet published an article introducing LG's new invention: the Watch Phone. The Watch Phone's unique touch screen only measures 1.43 inches diagonally and uses the normal "T9" text function so our changing world can continue to keep in contact through text messaging. Not only can one wear this new device around the wrist to make it easier to carry, listening to music is now easier than ever. The ever so popular Bluetooth is available in this little device offering 70MB of music from an existing ITunes library and you don't even need headphones in order to listen to the music; the phone acts as a stereo. However, there is a slot for headphone to be plugged into if needed. Also, LG's new addition contains a tiny camera that can be used for still frames and for video conferencing; keeping in touch with others is going to be easier than ever. A downside to this amazing new invention is it has not been introduced to the United States yet, but it will be available in Europe sometime this summer and the price is still undecided.

After reading this article and watching the additional video, I am very intrigued by this new device. One would think that due to the various applications this Watch Phone contains, the size would be that of a normal IPhone, but it sits on the wrist with it's adjustable band just like a normal watch; you cannot tell the difference. If the LG Watch Phone is introduced to the United States, I predict it will be a huge hit. However, there are a few problems that need to be addressed. The fact that it is a touch screen and is very small in comparison with what is already available in the market, there should be a small pencil-like figure to help the owner press the correct buttons on the screen. Also, a problem that concerns me is that the "Talk", "Clear", and "End" buttons are located on the sides of the Watch Phone next to the customer's skin. This is a problem because depending upon how sensitive these buttons are, one brush of the buttons can result in an accidental dial, an accidental loss of information, and/or an unexpected hang up during a phone call. All in all, it is going to be interesting to see how the US responds to such a device that embodies the life of a Pop Culture Icon: James Bond.

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