Monday, February 2, 2009

Going Mobile: A Whole New World of Web

With the growing popularity of smart phones, the use of mobile internet is increasing. This is causing the creators of websites to make their sites more accessible for mobile users. The article gives a few different ways to go about this endevor. First it is suggested that the site should be created while keeping in mind that it will be viewed over a handset. You should create a simple, yet highly functional page that can be accessed both on ordinary as well as high-end phones. It should also be noted that how the website is organized is crucial. There needs to be an ease of access for the user.

Although the site should be straightforward and organized, that does not mean you should not include any special features. Many handsets allow for the use of video and other media, and that should be taken advantage of. The article explains that by selling yourself short in the startup of your mobile website because these features are increasingly becoming expected by users, not the exception.

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