Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cable & Wireless Sets Up Communications Gateways in India by John Ribeiro

In the past, C&W (Cable & Wireless) had to rely on a local telecommunications services provider in India to route all its traffic in this location. But now C&W has received government security clearances in India, meaning the company now owns the entire network and can run its own gateways in and out of India. In the current world of rapidly expanding globalization and privatization, C&W has taken a great stride in networking across the world. The company now can offer new services and it is no longer restricted by the smaller capacity of the local telecommunications services provider. In the past nine months, C&W has invested $30 million to build this “multiservice platform network” in India that will be one of the company’s largest and most important platforms. With complete ownership of the network, C&W will be able to expand the network’s connectivity, reaching across all of Europe, Asia, and North America. I was really intrigued by this article because yesterday in my International Business class we talked about India’s fast economic growth and how they are moving away from a state-owned economy to a more privatized and globalizing capable economy. The Indian government’s granting of these security clearances is a great example of this economic transformation.


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