Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Article: " Telecommuting Urged During Obama Inauguration" by K.C. Jones 1/6/2009 [Information Week]

The article discusses a company called Telework Exchange - that is promoting telecommuting for DC employees in the nation's capital, especially on January 20th. The inauguration was expected to create a gridlock of automobiles and congestion on the public transit systems. Also, the impact on the community at-large will be like no other day in history. Telework as a business can help organizations maintain continuity of operations and assist employees with out the hassles of commuting / traveling to work on January 20th - Inauguration day. Telecommuting will present a testing of the infrastructure, the continuity os systems and the disaster recovery plans. Telework Exchange will also test the robustness of your network by monitoring the number of users and the security that your organization has in place. Telework Exchange's main business practice is telecommuting and they are hoping to get other companies to partner with them in providing a better solution for the customer(the employer and employee.)