Saturday, January 24, 2009

Article "Obama Plans to Keep his Blackberry" by Nancy Gohring [InfoWorld]

The article was about President Obama and his decision to keep his Blackbery as means of communication with his close friends and some Senior staffs. He believes that his Blackberry is one of the few ways he can escape the bubble that he is about find himslef in. The major problem with this comes from the fact that the Blackberry has decent secuirty settings and capabilities when being used by the regular person but for the President decent doesnt cut it. Obama's wishes and attachment to his blackberrry will be respected but more security devices will be placed on it just incase. For the little tasks that hes going to require of the Blackberry, these new placements will be enough but for the commona dn presidential related task, he is going to be given the Sectera Edge which is approved by the national Security Agency. Curious to see what edge the Sectera Edge had on the Blackberry, I checked it out online. Its a windows mobile, touchscreen, palm pilot, looking phone with so many applications, it might as well be a laptop computer. This will definately allow him to work from anywhere. After finding that out, I wondered how many normal poeple owned one. I looked on ebay with hopes of trying to find one on sale. I found ZERO people selling it which makes me think that maybe the Goverment doesnt allow these on the market.

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  1. I think it's very interesting he plans to keep his blackberry. Was the Sectera Edge developed specifically for the President?