Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dell Adamo: All dressed up with nowhere to go?

Dell Adamo: All dressed up with nowhere to go?


Dell computers has been on the forefront of the notebook and portable PC market for years.  They have been able to establish a huge market share for offering good internal computers for an affordable price, making them very popular among young adults and college kids.  However, they have just started to re shape their image with their new sleek laptop with incredible internal makeup. Dell's new Adamo is latin for to fall in love with and covet, what dell was trying to get its clients to do by falling in love with the new design and every detail.  

The owner of the company says that this is not going to be Dells bread and butter.  That rather than mass producing the Adamo all at once, they will use it to offer consistent consumers of Dell products a new type of notebook that emphasis its its razor-thin bezel around their 13.4 inch glass screen, a super thin profile etched in aluminum.  Put more plainly, "The value they get out of the product is in the halo effect they hope it brings to the entire product line and to the entire company," said Baker.

Over the past few years, Dell has focused much of its earlier advertising towards internal makeover.  This creates superior value for a customer in allowing them a to sacrifice all of the flashy components of other laptops but to focus on what is important.  Personally, I think that Dell is trying to be something that their not.  They have set up an already effectively and established AD campaign as well as already create a name for itself as a cheap but efficient computers and laptops.  This image has allowed Dell to become a major player in the computing market as a whole.  

A customer who wants to go to Dell, is not going to get the same kind of satisfaction anymore with their new focus on design.  People are not going to get the new satisfaction of buying a good but cheap computer capable of hanging with the best on the market with Mac and IBM.  Their new look is compromising their new release of technology both with the price and what's on the inside.  Their new computer is supposed to go for near 2000 dollars, which again can only deter potential customers, and only confuse their existing clients about their own Dell products themselves.

Sean Duane

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  1. It seems as though that the PC market is deteriorating rapidly, with the re-emergence of the Macintosh computer. It will be interesting to see how this new Dell laptop will fair in today's market. Because it is quite pricey and since computer technology is improved upon seemingly every other week, I do not see this new PC doing will in the struggling economy. Dell might want to focus in a more "green" friendly computer that is not so pricey, as Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. have done.